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How to get a flooring installation that you’ll love

We know that a sound flooring installation isn't just about the product only. While it's vital to get the product that is truly aligned with your needs and style, know that you also need to consider the room's priorities and challenges. For example, if you're looking for a new carpet installation for the stairway, where people and pets run up and down constantly, know that your choice should be very different than it would, say, for the bedroom, which has low foot traffic.

Finish it off nicely with an excellent craftsman-like installation because that goes a long way toward appearance, performance, and longevity. We make sure seams are aligned, there are no gaps, and those subfloor imperfections are hidden. You, the homeowner, can also do some things even before you walk into any flooring company. Here are some tips from Cypress Custom Floors & Remodeling, your flooring company in Cypress, TX.

Step 1: Get the right product

Every flooring material has different strength levels, styles, textures, and constructions. To determine your needs and preferences, examine your lifestyle. Some questions to ask yourself are about the size of the family and if there are kids or pets. Look at the room to see what the priority should be, whether or not it's busy or has heavy or low foot traffic. The overall style, as well as budget, are essential considerations.



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Step 2: Prepare for the installation

The more prepared you are, the smoother the process. Examine the estimate so you know what it entails. Ask about moving furniture and appliances if necessary. Think about alternatives if you need them for cooking or showering. You can never be too prepared for the perfect floors.

Step 3: Hire professional installers

Our professionals have the experience to see potential problems before they occur so they can avoid them. However, if that's not possible, they also know how to address a problem or challenge if it does happen. We also know techniques to enhance capabilities, such as water resistance and can make a budget flooring look like a high-end product.

Every flooring installation has a different technique; for example, solid hardwood is always the traditional and more involved tongue and groove, while tile might require plywood boards or mesh sheets. Others, like luxury vinyl or laminate, can be a fast, uncomplicated floating floor; however, it still needs some professional TLC. 

For over 30 years, Cypress Custom Floors & Remodeling has been providing superior installations and remodeling. Come into our showroom in Cypress, TX for inspiration, information and a free flooring installation quote. We work with homeowners and businesses in and around Cypress, TX, Spring, TX, Tomball, TX, Katy, TX, Waller, TX, && Houston, TX.